Monday, December 26, 2011

Commissioned Portrait

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd share commissioned painting that I finally finished just in time for their Chrissy present.  It's taken me 6 months from start to finish to complete this.  Lol it took me a cpl of months before I started with the first coat of paint.  The fear of that first brush stroke is quite daunting really, especially when you know the ppl.  Luckily they love the style of painting I do.  With a dozen or more coats of paint and millions of changes I had to decide when to stop otherwise your forever seeing things that you can work on....

The size of the painting is 1.5m high x 1.2m wide.  I was happy to finally see it go .  It was just huge and took up the whole room....

Hope everyone spent the day celebrating with family and friends.  Peace and good will to one and all.

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