Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hi everyone
Last night the family got to go to an official opening for art subjects created by students from yr 9 to 12 from different schools at the local council art gallery.  My son and his classmate's lifesize SHARK creation was chosen with 4 other pieces representing his college.  The work displayed there was awesome and it's inspiring to see so many talent students out there.
Back to the shark, it's huge.  You certainly see it when you walk in the room. I was told by his art teacher that the students had to design, make a mini model and then make it to the actual size of the shark using cardboard, acrylics and spray can paint to finish off the projects.  The shapes cut were suppose to represent the armour of the creatures created.

So from very proud parents, especially his mother I wanted to share this with you...
Have a gr8 wkend ppls

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