Friday, August 26, 2011

Help urself awards.... :D

Hi everyone
I would like to pass on these wonderful awards I found on Amy's http://amyscraftingspace.blogspot .  Hop across to her blog and have a lookie at the wonderful things she's created.  She was nice enough to post them for everyone to grab since she said there was too many fabulous blogs out there in cyberspace.  So please help yourself to the awards above and link it back to back to my blog :D  I too have found everyone's blogs wonderful and creative and think everyone deserves awards no matter if your a beginner or seasoned crafter...  THANKS FOR ALL THE SHARING !!!!

Have a gr8 and fantastic wekend...

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments! They are appreciated and thank you for visiting my blog- I always appreciate it! And you are correct, I think everyone has inspiration to share whether you are new or seasoned crafter! :)Amy


Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone, makes my day and I love reading them...
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